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No matter what your legal need, let the family of lawyers at Nycklemoe & Ellig, P.A. help you. Navigating the legal system can be confusing and stressful, don't try to go it alone. Our team of attorneys is at your disposal.  The attorneys at Nycklemoe & Ellig, P.A. are experienced in a variety lf areas, especially, Worker Compensation, Personal Injury, Family Law, Real Estate and Estate Planning.  If you been injured by the neglience of someone else or injured at work and you want someone to fight against the insurance company to make sure you get what you deserve, ask for Joe or Van.  If you are looking for assistance with a real estate issue, have questions regarding a guardianship or estate planning, ask for Rolf or David.  If you have questions regarding family law issue involving custody or divorce, ask for Joe. We are ready to serve you and provide you with first class legal services and the personal attention your matter deserves.  When you choose to work with an attorney at Nycklemoe & Ellig, P.A., you will feel like we care, we listen and dedicate the necessary effort and resources into your matter to ensure the best possibilty of a favorable outcome.

Don't wait another minute, if you need an attorney for Worker Compensation, Personal Injury, Family Law, Real Estate and Estate Planning or any number of other legal issues you might be dealing with, call us. We're here to fight for you!


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Areas of Law We Practice:

  • Personal injury:

    • Car Accident

    • Slip/Trip and Fall

    • Dram Shop

    • Wrongful Death

    • Farm Injury

    • ​Dog Bites/Animal Attack

    • Nursing Home Abuse/Injury

    • Sexual/Workplace Harassment

  • Worker Compensation

    • ​Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota

  • Environmental Law:

    • ​Environmental Law Compliance Negotiation

    • Environmental Law Consultation and Expert Services

    • General Environmental Law Litigation

  • Bankruptcy and Debt Negotiation:

    • ​Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    • Debt negotiation/Alternatives to Bankruptcy

  • Family Law:

    • Divorce

    • Custody

    • Adoption

    • Child Support

    • Guardianship and Conservatorship

  • Estate Planning:

    • ​Wills

    • Trusts

    • Other Various Estate Plannning Issues

  • Real Estate and Business Law:

    • ​Transactions

    • Purchase Agreements

    • Contracts for Deed

    • Land Development

    • Business Planning

    • Corporation Formation

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

    • Arbitration

    • Mediation

    • Custody Evaluations

    • Parenting Time Expeditor

    • Social and Financial Early Neutral Evaluations


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