What our clients say about us:


"I have worked with Nycklemoe & Ellig, PA and Joe Ellig since 2001.  I have always been very pleased with the legal work performed on my behalf. Recently, I requested Joe’s assistance with a claim against a commercial defendant and their insurance company.  I had provided all the documentation to validate the claim and prove the value of the damaged property without any success with the claims adjuster.  So, Joe got on top of it right away. He promptly reviewed all my documentation and history of the claim, immediately contacted the insurance company and always kept me informed of his progress.  With Joe’s experience and dedication, he was able to bring this case to an immediate settlement in my favor. Again, I was very pleased with Joe’s legal advice and work.




"They say that "luck belongs to the Irish", but I know that luck found me when I found Joe Ellig! I needed legal advice concerning a Workers Compensation case, but knew no lawyers to contact. I grabbed the phonebook and placed a series of calls. After speaking with several, I chose to have Joe represent me. Although my case was a relatively small case, Joe treated it, and me, as though it was his most important case. My claim took about 1 1/2 years to resolve, because Joe and his staff kept fighting for my rights. During that time, they kept me informed on every step, never telling me what to do, but rather informing me, and then asking me what I felt we should do! I owe Joe many thanks for the many hours of hard work that he put in on my behalf. Thanks, Joe!!  If I ever need legal help, or know someone who does, I hope that you'll be available."



"I am thankful beyond words, to Attorney Joe Ellig, for his compassion, confidence and knowledge in handling my Social Security Disability and my personal disability income insurance claims. I had attempted to qualify for SS Disability on my own, and was denied twice. But with the professional representation Attorney Ellig provided, our appeal, reversed the prior decisions. I promptly received back pay for the previous 2 years of back benefits, of when I first filed my claim. I remember the day very well, when Attorney Ellig called me personally, from his cell (while on vacation mind you), to give me the good news! It was very obvious to myself, and my family, he truly cares about his clients. Also, my personal disability income insurance, was also awarded to me through his help. Attorney Ellig reviewed my policy, and also found an error in a payment I had received. He quickly notified the insurance company, and I received an additional sum. Thanks to his personal dedication and legal expertise, I received the exact benefits that I deserved. He went above and beyond what I expected from a good Attorney. In addition to his own impeccable skills, the office staff are top notch and make you feel like family. I highly recommend Attorney Joe Ellig to all of my family and friends. Joe, YOU ARE AWESOME!"



"My father and mother worked with Rolf's father, David, when they bought the family farm. My grandfather even worked with Rolf's grandfather, Henry. We have always considered the Nycklemoe & Ellig law firm as our family's law firm. My father recently passed away and Rolf helped my mother and our family with his estate. The estate plan Rolf drafted for my parents worked perfectly. My mother lives comfortably in town and my wife and I were able to purchase the family farm so we could continue the tradition. I feel that I can always call Rolf and get an honest and accurate answer which I really appreciate. I highly recommend Rolf and the Nycklemoe & Ellig law firm to other families."



"My name is Julie. I was in a car accident in December of 2010.  At first, I didn’t think it was a big deal but later my arm and shoulder started to hurt.  After having to go to the doctor for a month or so for different things involving the car accident, I decided that I would need someone to help me.  I went and saw Joe Ellig at Nycklemoe & Ellig Law Office in Fergus Falls. Right away, Joe helped me to not feel so overwhelmed and helpless with the situation.  He helped me with the hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, and also getting my car fixed.  I had to endure many months of physical therapy that did not help.  I received many injections that did not seem to ease the pain.  I ended up having two major surgeries and was out of work for a few months after each surgery.  The last surgery was in 2012.  Joe was there to help me with the medical bills from the many different hospitals and clinics that I had to go to.  He helped with dealing with the other person’s insurance and also my own insurance.   I had many bills that needed to be covered and Joe helped me to take care of them.  He also helped when the hospital did not get a bill to my insurance in time and thought that I should have to pay the whole amount for one of my surgeries.  Joe and his staff were there for me when I needed them.  They were there to help me with all of the bills and insurance talk but they were also there to just listen to me when I needed someone to talk to about what was going on due to the accident and tell me that it would all be alright in the end.  They helped me to get everything settled and to worry about just myself and my family during some of the most trying times of my life.  I was always a very independent person and could always take care of myself.  It was very difficult for me to ask for help. It was a really wonderful feeling to have someone like Joe and his team in my corner when I could not do it for myself.  Whenever anyone asks me if I know someone that can help them with these types of situations, I always tell them to go to Nycklemoe and Ellig and see Joe.  He was there to help me when I needed it and made me feel like everything was going to work out in the end.  Sometimes it takes time getting this straightened out but it is nice having someone like Joe and his team in your corner because they make you feel like you are not alone in the situation and there will be an end to it all. "



"I have worked with Rolf Nycklemoe and Nycklemoe and Ellig, P.A. for about 19 years, both professionally and in the area of family and real estate law. Rolf truly cares for his clients and provides the highest level of legal advice and services. I really appreciate all he has done for our organization and our family; he has earned my trust. I recommend Rolf Nycklemoe to anyone who is in need of legal assistance and will continue to work with him throughout the future."



"I have worked closely with Rolf and the Nycklemoe Law Firm for the past 12 years in my professional career. I have also consulted with him for personal matters. Rolf is always prompt in his responses to my questions or concerns and responds in a courteous manner. My job requires a close relationship with the court system and we often have extremely difficult cases to manage. Rolf always makes himself available for consultation in handling issues and is very knowledgeable in guiding us in the manner we should handle each situation. His knowledge of the law and expertise is extremely valuable to us. I highly recommend Rolf and the Nycklemoe Law Firm."



I am a Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant (QRC) who has been providing rehabilitation services to injured workers in Minnesota for 19 years. I have provided rehabilitation services to multiple clients of both Mr. Joseph Ellig and Mr. Van Ellig. It is my professional rehabilitation opinion both of these individuals have maintained contact with their clients, addressed their concerns, are knowledgeable relative to the workers’ compensation system and do follow-up relative to their clients receiving recommended medical care. Both Mr. Joseph Ellig and Mr. Van Ellig have shown professionalism relative to their contact with all involved parties concerning their client workers’ compensation claims.

-Tom Lanes, Ph.D., CRC, QRC


On December 30th, 2010, I was traveling home from a Christmas get together with my family. There had been a ground blizzard which caused zero visibility at times. Due to the restricted visibility, a head on collision was the outcome and not good on my part because I had become the victim. To make a long story short, I was in the Fargo hospital for 11 days with a lot of broken bones. I had been referred to a lawyer by the name of Van Ellig of Nycklemoe & Ellig Law Office in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

I contacted Van Ellig and explained my situation and he came to the hospital the next day to hear of my side of the story about the accident. At that time, Van explained his steps on what the process was going to be and he would be getting back with me.

While time had gone by as to where I had plenty time to think on all this, Van or his paralegal had been in close contact with me. Me, being from Iowa, and their law office in Minnesota and my accident in North Dakota, I thought this was not going to work. I did not know at the time lawyer offices could help someone out of the state. As I questioned Van, he had stated they were licensed to do law in all them states, which was a big load off my mind.

Situations like mine are probably not something that happens to a lot of people but for reference if it affects you, Nycklemoe and Ellig Law Office is highly recommended on my behalf. They show they care by always answering my calls or getting back with me in a timely manner to answer or deal with problems or questions. Van even gave me his personal cell number if I had any questions, and yes, I did call him personally more than once and yes, he did answer and listen.

Once again, thank you very much Van, your law office and staff for taking care of my situation making it seem easy and painless, I sure appreciate it.

-Tom, Personal Injury Client


In 2014 I had a serious accident. It not only affected my health but also my livelihood. I was fortunate enough to have received workers’ compensation but I was aware there was a good chance the check could be terminated at any time. I contacted Mr. Ellig’s office to find out, number one, what my rights were, but also to have somebody in my corner. Especially if they choose to cut off my payments before I was able to get back to work.

I found the staff and Mr. Ellig to be very professional. My questions and fears were handled with ease and promptly. As feared, my checks were to be terminated and I wasn’t close to being able to go back to work. Mr. Ellig proposed that we go for a settlement. He gave me the amounts that I might expect to receive. He said, ultimately, it was my decision as to how to go forward and for how much.

I was happy to have received the amount we were asking for. This enabled me to run my upholstery business until I could get back to work with my ‘healing’ right arm. My expectations and desires were met with enthusiasm and professionalism by everyone in the office and I would recommend them to anyone.

-Layne, Workers’ Compensation client


I have known Van Ellig for over 25 years and have watched him build a sizeable and effective practice in Environmental Law. He knows and understands the field as well as anyone in the Upper Midwest and can work effectively with corporations, individuals, regulators and virtually all types of clients and litigants.

Van has worked on long term projects and short term cases; he can bring his skill set and talents quickly to the scene and situation.

If you are dealing with an Environmental Law situation, I would strongly recommend Van.

-Bill Urseth, General Partner, Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club


As a result of a 2005 head-on auto accident, I needed someone to represent me with the other driver’s insurance company. I have known several people at the Nycklemoe & Ellig Law Firm on a personal basis. After that terrible head-on crash, I was relieved to know them on a professional level as well. I was very happy with the settlement that Van was able to negotiate with the insurance companies and felt assured the best possible deal was reached. I would recommend Nycklemoe & Ellig Law Firm to anyone.

-Bob, Personal Injury client


In 2011 I was involved in a vehicle/pedestrian accident with an uninsured motorist. While mowing the lawn with a push mower, I was struck by a motor vehicle and sustained numerous injuries. It required an ambulance ride to the emergency room.

Being out of work for months, I was in need of a 2nd surgery and more physical therapy. Hospital bills mounting, dealing with the uninsured motorist in court and dealing with our own insurance company was frustrating. Anxiety, fear and the uncertainty of the future was setting in. Dealing with all these issues was overwhelming and led us to Mr. Van Ellig from the law firm of Nycklemoe & Ellig.

Upon hiring, Mr. Van Ellig negotiated with the hospital billing, our insurance company and the uninsured motorist. His knowledge, integrity, professionalism and the office staff were truly outstanding. Mr. Ellig’s representation was very commendable. In review, Mr. Van Ellig not only relieved my stress and anxiety, his straightforwardness of the law was easily understandable and comforting. With my case concluded I was a very satisfied client.

Again, I would like to thank Nycklemoe & Ellig for their services.

-Brenda, Fergus Falls, MNt


Have you ever needed a Lawyer? Where do you start? Well, I started by interviewing several local attorneys. I was not impressed and was just about to give up but we had an appointment with one more, Van Ellig. What a difference! He talked to us person to person, not lawyer to person. We were actually people to him and that is who we hired.

I had to find someone who knew how to talk to insurance companies, I didn’t. My husband had been killed while walking across a city street. Insurance companies do not want to part with a penny of their money so they came up with a reason, my husband would have likely committed suicide! Van knew what to do and did it. He took over everything. He kept us informed and I could call if I had a question. He and his staff answered my questions and I never once felt like I was a pest, which I probably was. The settlement was done in a very reasonable time. If I ever needed advice again I would go back to Van Ellig in a minute.

-Marilyn, Underwood, MN


I felt I needed legal counsel and advice when I received a phone call from a law firm in Minneapolis stating my son was named in a lawsuit against METO (Minnesota Extended Treatment Options) in Cambridge, Minnesota. The caller stated my son was named because of his questionable, unlawful death while admitted at this facility. My son had committed suicide by hanging himself after being there only a short time. I then called Nycklemoe & Ellig to discuss this matter. Van Ellig offered to represent me in the matter and investigate it further. Nycklemoe & Ellig did a wonderful job at representing my best interests in this matter. I felt the resolution was fair and appropriate. I would recommend this legal team to anyone seeking representation regarding personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits. I was treated with respect and dignity throughout the whole process and felt they cared about me personally and my case. I would highly recommend Nycklemoe & Ellig to anyone needing legal representation.




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