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You know from the first meeting with Van or Joe, that when your future is at stake, we are ALL IN.  It is about eye contact, handshakes and confidence.  Top notch injury representation doesn't come from some other law firm from the big city.  It comes from someone vested in the local communities, someone with a personal stake in rural Minnesota and someone you can talk with face to face without having to drive hours and hours to fight with traffic. Put simply, we care about where we live in rural Minnesota and what happens to the people who live there.  


Personal injury and worker compensation matters are often complicated and you will likely not know what you are giving up by settling your claim without the assistance of an attorney.  Some injured persons are not so lucky as to be offered a reasonable settlement offer.  No matter, we don't mind going to trial.  We will fight for you till the end.  Call us today to get quick, accurate, easy to comprehend responses to any of the complicated questions that come along with any personal injury or worker compensation claim. We understand how important it is to get answers to your questions and would be happy to meet with you to fully inform you as to your claim.  We are a local law firm that provides top-notch legal services to injured persons and their families. We are invested in our community, take pride in the results we achieve for our clients and genuinely care about the outcome of their matters.  Put simply, we strive for the best possible outcome for the people of Northern Minnesota because we live here with the people of Northern Minnesota.  


Nycklemoe & Ellig, P.A. has a reputaiton of maximizing the compensation received by our personal injury and worker compensation clients.  Give us a call and ask how we can get the benefits you deserve. Find out how we have received the reputation of being no nonsense and results-driven.


 Below are just some of the representative personal injury and workers compensation case results:

Client Results Description / Case
Western MN Man $1,225,500

Construction Accident: Multiple Lower Leg Injuries


Western MN Woman

$ 850,000

Plus Social Security

Disability Benefits

Motor Vehicle Accident and Worker Compensation: Triple back fusion (3 levels)
Northwestern MN Man  $800,000 (Approximate Permenant Total Benefits) plus future medical benefits coverage Worker Compensation: Eye Injury

Western MN Man

$ 730,000

Motor Vehicle Accident; Double vision loss, Severed optic nerves

Northwestern MN Man $620,000 Motor Vehicle Accident: Spine injuries and Several Broken Bones
Northern MN Husband and Wife $500,000 (policy limits) Motor Vehicle Accident: Multiple Leg Fractures and Head Injuries
Northern MN Man $435,000 plus future medical benefits coverage Worker Compensation: Head Injury
Northern MN Man $410,000 Construction Accident: Knee injury
Western MN Man $325,000 plus future medical benefits coverage Worker Compensation: Head Injury
Western MN Man $390,000 Motor Vehicle Accident: Multiple Spine Injuries
Western MN Woman $341,250 Motor Vehicle Accident: Multiple Arm Fractures
Northwestern MN Man $265,000 plus future medical benefits Worker Compesnation: Back Injury and Partial Foot Amputation
Central MN Man $250,000 (policy limits) Motor Vehicle Accient: Multiple Arm Fractures

Multiple Parties

$ 250,000

(Plus cost of $25,000

paid to multiple parties)

Sexual Harassment Claim

Northern MN Woman $240,000 Motor Vehicle Accident: Head Injury

Western MN Woman

$ 102,000

Plus $37,000 in

Medicals paid

Worker Compensation: Back Injury

Northern MN Man

$ 137,500

(Plus $60,000 in Medical Bills and

Social Security Disability Benefits)

Motor Vehicle Accident: Lung  injury
Western MN Woman $ 125,000

Workers Compensation: Back and Shoulder Injuries

Western MN Woman

$ 100,000

(policy limits)

Motor Vehicle Accident: Broken Leg
Young Boy from Western MN

$ 100,000

(policy limits)

Father died in Motor Vehicle Accident: Wrongful Death
Western MN Woman

$ 100,000

(policy limits)

Motor Vehicle Accident: Back surgery
Western MN Man

$ 100,000

(policy limits)

Motor Vehicle Accident (Dram shop)

Western MN Man


Plus future medical benefits coverage (approximately $750,000 in benefits paid out prior to settlement)

Worker Compensation: Back Injury and Lower

Leg Amputation

Central MN Man $150,000 Workers Compensation: Neck injuries
Western MN Woman $180,000 Automobile Accident: Neck injuries
Northwestern MN Man

$165,000, plus future medical benefits coverage

Worker Compensation: Neck Injury
Western MN Man $200,000 plus $52,000 in future medical benefits coverage

Worker Compensation: Back Injury


Northwestern MN Man $124,000 Worker Compensation: Knee Injury
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